Mongol Invasion 1258

4th Oct 2020
Stronghold Crusader
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4th Oct 2020 20:09
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By Krarilotus

This is a custom Skirmish Scenario, which means it is played by using the 'play a map' feature in the editor section of the game. The download also comes with a preview image giving you an overview prior to the battle, so you won't need to pause the game and check everything out but can play right away. Also a little instruction document comes with the download, which includes some important notes to read and some hidden hints, which are initially hidden.
Place the maps from the download into the maps folder of your game and you'll be good to go!

The map is made with version v1.1 of the game, hence compatible with all other game versions. Have fun playing it in Full HD in v1.41 steam edition, as i would recommend that for the best experience! Please keep it vanilla though, as otherwise you might destroy the balance...

Included in the file are 5 difficulties.
They are meant as follows:

Casual - meant to be played for Stronghold casual players, that just like to have fun by running over enemies. This should yield no trouble even for newer players whatsoever and is more a preview of the map as it is.

Easy - This difficulty is catering those that have played Stronghold Crusader here and there but haven't really invested much time in optimizing their strategies.

Normal - It's the recommended setting if you play this map for the first time. You will have a nice little challenge and you need to know how to siege and conquer fortified positions, hold strategic points and know what each of the units can do. You need to also be able to adapt to different situations quickly.

Hard - This difficulty poses a true challenge and is meant to be the hardest difficulty to be still playable without falling back on long lasting battle techniques. You will have to micro your army well and watch it every step of the way to score a victory in this mode. The map was originally balanced for this difficulty and it will even challenge veteran players for the game. In this difficulty you will have to fight with the intended map limitations to your hearts content!

Expert - In Expert difficulty, you will have no fun with the fights, as every single move counts. You will find yourself fiddling around with single units on the slowest speed to squeeze the slightest advantage out of every situation. It's really meant as a challenge for those that can never get it difficult enough. IF you beat this without any exploits, I will grant you a cookie!

The map is not balanced for exploits, so keep your unshootable units, your double workers, your fire canals, your teleporting resources, your fast workers and all the other c**p in the big red box with the 'do not touch' sign in the corner!

This map is made as a contest entry to the Strongholdnation Summer Contest. Have fun and good luck!
by Krarilotus


8th Dec 2020

This is a great map. Honestly I was in complete awe when I first opened this map as to how detailed the submission was and the amount of effort that had been put into it. I loved the whole theme of the scenario, the difficulty levels were amazing and I thought a really neat addition to the map.

The whole idea of having to invade the map with your army and take the castles was incredible and really well thought out. Similarly talking about the build designs, I particularly loved the first Wolf castle the player comes across and the fact you have to rush it right at the start before the troops arrive.

It took me so many attempts before I managed to get anywhere with it. Partly, this is because of some weird glitch where I couldn't drag and select my troops at the start because some of them were off-screen.

So eventually I had to double click to select all the units and that selected them all. It was only then, once I had a full army, did I manage to get further in the scenario. I loved the way that each castle was unique and had a different challenge you had to overcome before you could defeat it.

The gold you got for destroying them, etc was brilliant too. And in terms of the backstory, that too was phenomenal, because it was so detailed and very well written. I really enjoyed this map.

4th Jan 2021

VERY Good Work!