About Stronghold Nation

Stronghold Nation is the most popular community fansite for Firefly Studios' Stronghold series. Alongside this we also provide clarity, background information and valuable insight into real historical actions and events throughout History. We focus on creating high quality content such as help guides, walkthroughs, tutorials and also host a community downloads hub to help members better enjoy the games we cover, learn tips and tricks and provide assistance where possible. Most gaming websites prefer creating broad fansites covering lots of games, but these can never be covered in enough detail. So we decided to focus our efforts on specific games now having thousands more articles than comparable websites. We aim to be a one-stop site for everything on Stronghold, with our content and membership still rapidly increasing even a decade after launching.


Within Stronghold Nation exists a friendly and diverse global community of mapmakers, Historians, power-players, professional programmers and other experts in and around the Stronghold games with a wealth of experience. Our community today remains the single most active community fansite for discussion around Stronghold on the web, with new breakthroughs being discovered about the original games all these years later. We've been a part of or played vital roles in a number of major discoveries including for the first time establishing an understanding on how to switch units between Stronghold Legends and Stronghold 2.


There's a lot of noise on the modern internet, and it's difficult to find credible and reliable information on past historical events. To this end we created our Histroy Thru The Ages section with the ultimate truth about history written by profound Historians, providing both inspiration to map makers and designers, and fascination and interest to those with a love of History. And you can also take advantage of our thousands of tutorials, walkthroughs and other articles providing in-depth explanation and understanding. We have a sizeable team of community Moderators who are all passionate about the areas of the site they look after and often have specific skills in certain games or projects. But as always we encourage community participation and would love to hear from you if you know anything we don't.


Our global downloads hub consists of hundreds of files created by map makers, designers, programmers and modders alike. We typically have a downloads section for each of the games we cover which includes user generated content from that game. Submitting to our downloads hub is easy and free, and you only need a member account on our community in order to do this. Each of the submissions are thoroughly reviewed prior to being posted ensuring that the intended functionality actually works, the file is legitimate and it's easy enough for any member to be able to repeat themselves. This gives our download section a sense of quality over quantity, which other fansites often lack.


Stronghold Nation is owned by:

Lord_Chris (Webmaster)

The owner manages all day-to-day operations of the community, its management, strategic vision and is responsible for leading on the final administrative decisions. However this is also fully influenced and directed by the Senior Administrators, Moderators and other Members in the Community with the Webmaster open to any vision or suggestion for the community betterment. No individual or organisation gains financially as a result of the community, how it operates or its revenue stream, and it operates entirely on a not-for-profit basis.


No advertisements will ever be displayed on the community and it will never be turned into a subscription service with "Premium" or paid content, as it was never designed to be used for that purpose. The Community was designed to help, teach and connect people who love the games we focus on, and not to make a living or for any financial gain. Significant investments in terms of time, energy and funding have been made by many individuals throughout the duration of Stronghold Nation in order to elevate the community to the global hub it currently is today, and we are exceptionally grateful to everyone who has built our community. Our Website remains on a professional server securely operated within Los Angeles, California, with use of a global CDN to bring you the fastest speeds no matter where you are located in the world.


We collaborate with other standalone Stronghold community groups and fansites to utilise the best talents of all Strongholders throughout the wider Stronghold Community to develop the best modifications, software, maps and designs. And our Community Moderators are derived from talented IT professionals, Historians, Lecturers and those within the Charitable sector from around the globe including Canada, United Kingdom, United States and Serbia.


Stronghold Nation was created for the Community. And we want you to be a part of that. So just what are you waiting for?! Come and join us, introduce yourself, and have some fun!