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All Stronghold Legends Walkthroughs and Trails

Posted on 12th Jun 2022

I'm delighted to announce and inform members that after many years worth or work we now have detailed Walkthroughs, and corresponding saved games, for every single Stronghold Legends Campaign Mission and Skirmish Trail that was ever made, including the bonus content publicly released by Firefly in 2016 for the first time.

You can find all of these guides under the following page on the main site:

Or instead you can head over to our Stronghold Legends section -> Mission Walkthroughs via the main site.

Hopefully you find as much enjoyment out of reading them that we did in writing them! 🙂

Stronghold 20th Anniversary

Posted on 19th Oct 2021

Today is a special day for Stronghold. 

It is the 20th anniversary of the release of the original Stronghold 1

Tasha from FireFly has posted a little pic on the official FireFly Discord to celebrate the occasion ðŸ™‚