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By registering an account you will be able to change how the site looks based on a number of themes we have installed. You will be able to change how the forums look and feel as well, along with how many topics and items are displayed per page.


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As a registered member you will be able to participate in community discussions, competitions, ask questions on our friendly forum and even form groups with other members by creating or joining your own interest-based Clubs. With this feature you will never run out of content to enjoy and watch which can go far deeper than in the forums themselves. We have a number of Clubs relating to interests such as History, SH2 Lord of the Rings Mods, and more. By becoming a member, you will also have access to join in as many competitions as you would like, with each and every competition winner awarded a virtual trophy in our Trophy Room!


You will be able to start and join personal conversations with your friends, and will even have your own quota for uploading images directly into forum discussions. As a member, you will be part of the largest and fastest-growing Stronghold community around the world, with access to dedicated experts not just in the field of Stronghold, but also other areas such as History.


Downloads & resources

As a member you will be able to upload your own content to our community, whether that be articles, tutorials, walkthroughs, gallery images, or even things such as downloads - what's clear is that you will be fully free to enjoy and immerse yourself within our friendly community environment.


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