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  1. Soooo Jealous......................Very Nice, Eagle!
  2. Myths, Legends and Mysteries ''Walker'' (The Walking Dead Television Series) Celluloid Terrors Section 01-29-23 ''The Mosul Orb'' UFO Case Studies Section 01-29-23 History Thru The Ages ''German Enzian E1 (Flying Missile)'' World War II Section 01-30-23 ''German A34 (Kormoran) MP Missile'' The Cold War Section 01-30-23 History Thru The Ages ''Winchester Model 1892 44-70 Rifle'' The American West Section 01-31-23 ''Remington 10-Gauge Shot Pistol'' The American West Section 01-31-23 ''Winchester Model 1892 (Sawed Off) Rifle The American West Section 01-31-23 Myths, Legends and Mysteries ''Magic Circle'' The Occult Section 02-03-23
  3. Well after 2 months of what seemed a never ending stream of ''Copy and Paste'', The ''Myths, Legends and Mysteries'' (aka ''Merlins Mansion'') is now up and running, One need only go to Our Homepage. Now easier to access by Sections (just as in Our ''History Section''), you can start looking forward to MANY more years of wild and fascinating Tales of The Bizare and Unbelievable. ENJOY!
  4. Check Here for the latest Homepage Posted for both ''History Thru The Ages'' and ''Myths. Legends and Mysteries''
  5. Steam, I would imagine. Or, if your so inclined...Amazon. I got a copy of The Collections Versions for $19 USD. Excellent Copy which has SH 1, Original Crusader, SH 2 and Legends. One can still find SH1 without too much effort, though. I always was a fan of the old 2D Version as it was. I am an ''old'' Sierra Games Fan, if you remember those? I have MANY SH1 and Original Crusader Downloadable Maps in Our Downloads Section (many I've created). Hope your able to check them out sometime and wells as upload some of your ''creations''....................
  6. Welcome, ZigZag Wanderer Glad to Have You as a Member. And Yes, We ARE a Premium Site for ALL you Stronghold Game needs. Check out our Map Download and Game related Articles for your amusements. We have many talented Game Players who can answer just about any Questions you have. Again, Welcome!
  8. Very Cool submission........ Look forward to giving it a try soon (time permitting).
  9. Welcome Young Lord....... We are certainly glad to have you as a Member of The Site. I've read some of your Postings, and please - visit as much as you wish. I am sure our Webmaster will be interested in your background, to be sure. I am The Site's ''Resident Historian'' (History Section) as well as ''Chief Magician'' in ''Merlin's Mansion''. NOT a ''Techy'', I do like (and still play) the older Stronghold Games more. Check out Our downloadable Maps on The Main Page. These have been made by Site Members and can be quite fun to play.........................
  10. In the ever advancing quest to ''maintain interest'', I have decided to re-name Our ''Monster and Myths'' Thread to a more ''Nation Friendly'' One. Hence - as of This Date, I am proud to announce ''Merlin's Mansion''. Nothing has changed with regards to the MANY Articles already Posted (only The Name). I will also be migrating Our ''History's Mysteries'' into that Thread as well. Henceforth - ANY thing dealing with ''The Bizarre and Unusual'' can now be found in ''The Mansion''!
  12. Hey Eagle, Yeah, I kinda liked The Franchise back in The Day, more so for The different Units. I too heard something about (read it I think) about 4. Don't know if I'll get to it though. I am doing well for a ''Relic'' 😆. Hope you and yours are well. How's life as a ''Professor''? Hope your excelling at it with all the work you've put into it!
  13. Hi, ''JustAVillager''......Crusader1307 Here 😄 Question...in what Context do you mean? A Topic being the ''primary Subject'' of ''Something'' and of course ''Status'' being the ''Primary Condition'' of ''something''...
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