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  1. ''NZAMBI A MPUNGU'' A Common ''Creator Deity'' found in The African Congo and surrounding Regions, ''Nzambi a Mpungu'' made The Universe, Planets and eventually – Humankind. All Laws came from The God. When Christian Missionaries came to The Region in the 16th Century AD – most Tribes ''associated'' Nazambi a Mpungu with ''Christ''.
  2. ''AYAANLE'' In Zulu (South African) Culture, ''Ayaanle'' were a Class of ''Spirit'', most associated with The European Concept of ''Guardian Angel''. They were personified as Female and benevolent. When a Person died, The Ayaanle ''came'' to guide their Soul into The Afterlife. The Ayyanle guided both ''Good and Bad'' Souls.
  3. ''AKHKHAZU'' An Akkadian Demon, ''Akhkhazu'' was a Female Entity, related to a Trio of Demons (all said to be Sisters). She was seen as the personification of Plague and Disease. Akhkazau was also known among The Sumerian Culture as ''The Seizer'' (referencing Her ability to ''take the life'' of a Victim. He is mentioned by The Akkadian as far back as the 22nd Century BC.
  4. ''CECHA'' In Ancient Etruscan Religious and Cultural Belief, ''Cecha'' was a legal concept. Bestowed upon any Etruscan Male (or Head of Family), ''Cecha'' was defined as ''Any Religious Ritual or Sacred Article'' used to initiate One's ''Patron God'' (or used during National Worship Festivals). ALL Males had to (by Law) maintain Cecha, with severe punishments rendered to those who did not. If no ''close'' Male was available, a Family had to designate a Male Relative (Cousin, Nephew, etc). The Concept was first mentioned in 900 BC.
  5. ''THE DISCOVERY OF WITCHCRAFT'' The US Library of Congress is one of the largest collections of Books and Documents in The World. It is the repository of many of not only The United States most important historical documents, but many ''firsts'' from around The World. But well within it's storage, is one Book which to this date is rarely seen or even touched by People. It is a 1584 Edition called ''The Discovery of Witchcraft''. ''Written'' by Englishman Reginald Scot, it is purported the most comprehensive ''Grimoire'' relating to Witchcraft and ''Black Magic''. It is said no ''finer'' compendium exists on ''The Subject''. Once said to have been ''viewed'' by Playwright William Shakespeare and even 20th Century Horror Writer, HP Lovecraft, The Volume is long considered to be ''Cursed''. Although ''on-line'' viewing can be done, and very few reprinted copies exist for purchase, it is said that ANYONE who handles the original is in for extreme bad luck. As such, The Library has records that show the Book only having been viewed a total of 10 times in the early 20th Century..........
  6. ''VRITRA'' In Hindu Beliefs, ''Vritra'' was a ''Dragon Demon'', which was seen as the personification of Drought, Chaos and Evil. He could assume a Human-like appearance when needed. According to Legend, Vritra held all Waters of The World captive, as a means of controlling The World and angering other Gods. This naturally caused droughts and lack of harvesting (starvation). According to Ancient Vedic Texts. A Demi-God Hero named ''Indra'' would slay Vritra with a ''magic sword'', thus allowing The Waters of The World to flow, once more.
  7. ''DYDKO'' Polish Folklore has a Demonic Figure known as The ''Dydko''. Dating to Pagan Times, this Creature was thought to be an early personification of The Devil. Living in primordial Forests, The Dydko were noted for their long spindly legs and bulbous Head. They were conjured by vanity. In short, People who spend too much time ''gazing at themselves'' in Mirrors, ''brought forth'' The Dydko.
  8. ''KAKIA'' In Greek Mythology, ''Kakia'' was the personification of ''Vice and a lack of any Morals'' (Sin). Tempting Humans thru ''Evil Acts'', to become such – Kakia appeared in The Hercules Saga, trying to tempt The Dem-God as well. Undaunted, He killed The Goddess. She used Her ''unfounded'' Beauty as a lure, especially to Men.
  9. ''GONGGONG'' In Chinese Mythos, ''Gonggong'' was a ''Water Dragon'' Deity. He is responsible for damage done due to water events (flooding, mudslides, tsunami etc). He features in many Mandarian Chinese Folk Tales, serving as a cautionary personification for ''procrastination'' (lack of preparedness). First found in literature as old as the 2nd BC, Gonggong can also be found (in forms), in Vietnamese and Korean Mythos as well.
  10. ''LOVIATAR'' ''Loviatar'' is from Finnish Mythology, and is the Daughter of Underworld God ''Tuoni''. In that Realm, He is known as ''The God of Death''. Loviatar not only inherited this attribute, but was also given the power to ''spread Disease''. Born ''Blind'', in this Loviatar has no discrimination as to whom She ''infects or kills'', as She ''wanders The Earth''.
  11. ''NIHON SHOKI'' Perhaps the most single important ancient document of Japan, The ''Hihon Shoki'' dates to perhaps the 7th Century AD. Similar to European ''Maters'', which chronicled a Countries Cultural and National History, The Shoki not only details Japanese History, but is the very first example of a codified text of Japanese ''Folk History'' and Mythology. Most Japanese ''Creation'' Stories, to include Gods and Goddesses ''appear'' in The ''Nihon Shoki''. The first volume would lead to other additional books which carried on the written tradition of Japanese Mythos up to the last such volume, dating to the mid-9th Century AD.
  12. ''KUNI-YUZURI'' An ancient Japanese Mythology Concept, ''Kuni-Yuzuri'' was the belief that the Gods ''gifted'' The World to Humankind, in particularly – The Emperors of Japan. Seen as ''Gods'' of direct descent, The Gods made The Royal Linage of Japan ''Gods on Earth''. So ''created'', they could ''accept'' such a Gift. The Kun-Yuzuri concept would run thru Japanese Mythology from around the 7th Century AD forward.
  13. ''AMPUKU'' Several African Religious Beliefs were transplanted with those Tribes captured and enslaved by various Colonial European Governments. One such was called (and is still known as) ''Winti'' Practiced by The Akan Tribes forced to settle in Ghana, believed in the existence of ''Ampuku''. These were demonic Spirits that had no form of their own. As ''Spirit'', they roamed The World, seeking People to inhabit (possess). Once so, a Person had no ''free will'' and often ''acted out'' (violence, anger etc). Ampulu were seen as a great source of ''trouble'' to The Akan. They often sought long and drawn out ceremonies to ''remove'' Ampuku ''infestation''. In some instances, the Rituals were so intense, that the ''possessed'' often died as a result.
  14. ''THE LADY OF AMPATO'' Also known as ''The Mummy Juanita'' – is an archaeological discovery found in Southern Peru in 1995. Another of The Incan Culture's ''sacrificial children'' offerings – ''She'' dates to around the year 1480 AD. As We have seen with other Articles, The Incan Culture regularly sacrificed pre-chosen children of Royal or Noble birth, to ''The Gods''. Mostly, these Gods ''lived'' inside the many Mountains and Volcanoes of The Region. Such Children led a ''charmed and privileged'' life. At the ''appointed time'' such sacrifices were taken to sacred locations and ''offered' to The Gods. The preferred method of ''exit'' was suffocation, poisoning and lastly blunt force trauma. ''Juanita'' as she was dubbed, was an offering to Mount Ampato's ''God''. Roughly determined to be 14 years old, ''Juanita'' was sacrifice by blunt force trauma (to the head). Carefully wrapped, she was placed into a hole at the base of Mount Ampato. The combination of both ''warm'' and ''freezing'' temperatures (at times'', perfectly preserved Her corpse. Her face, (at one point), was possibly revealed to the upper layers of Earth (thru erosion). It became to undergo natural decomposition factors, until (by chance), it was buried again. The majority of Juanita's body however, is almost so perfectly preserved – She could be ''mistaken'' for a recent death. She is currently preserved at The National Geographic Society Museum in Washington, DC (US).
  15. ''THE CURSED OMAR'' The Book known as The ''Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam'' was a collection of ''knowledge'' gathered and formulated by Persian Philosopher Omar Khayyam in the 11th Century AD (Persia). A ''Renaissance Man'' of His Era, Omar amassed such information, that He was a well known Alchemist. The Seljuk Dynasty greatly revered Omar for His ''forbidden knowledge''. Commissioned by The Sultan to produce a volume of His acquired knowledge, this Book was set in a Gold Bindind and covered with precious and semi-precious jewels. So impressed with Omar's work, The Sultan decreed that The Rubaiyat must always remain in His Kingdom. ANYONE who stole it or attempted to possess it for it's secrets would be met with ''great calamity''. Perhaps captured during the many Medieval Crusades, The Book would travel from Region to Region for Centuries (under the Ownership) of many European Rulers. Strangely, everywhere The Book went – some calamity would befall it's Owners. Fast forward to the early 20th Century. The Book would eventually come to England, where a Museum would photograph the volume in every detail. The Book would be purchased by American Millionaire Benjamin Guggenheim, to add to His collection of Rare Books. Guggenheim had the precious and mysterious volume packed away on His oceanic trip back to America.....on board the ill-fated RMS ''Titanic''. As We know, ''that'' Ship struck an Iceberg in April of 1912, taking with it the obviously ''cursed'' Book. It ( or rather it's remains) have never been recovered). As for the copies made from the photographs, many versions (very expensive) – were produced. Most met their ''ends'' with The German Bombing of England (''The Blitz'') in World War II (1940). In later years, cheaper copies have been produced. Do they still bear the original ''curse'' of their origins? Buy a Copy and Find Out!
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