Contribute to our Community

Stronghold Nation has grown since its formation in 2013 to one of the largest fansites ever in existance for Firefly Studios' Stronghold games. Our staff have spent thousands of hours for free working on our community. Whether that be the major outlet of global content and expertise which we have in games, downloads, posts, comments, articles, walkthroughs and historial information, or just adding new features, fixing bugs and optimising the community: all of this has been done completely for free by our staff purely out of passion for what we do. We have never asked for anything in return.

Our team has dedicated hundreds of pounds GBP from their own personal finances during this time to build up Stronghold Nation and at no point in our history have we ever asked for external funding. However with the scale the community has grown to in recent years we realise it has now become almost untenable for us to privately-fund the community any longer.

The Stronghold Knights fansite was widely regarded back in the early 21st Century as being an excellent resource for Stronghold content, even by Firefly themselves. Unfortunately this collapsed in approximately 2013 due to lack of funding. This left only a single other Stronghold Community, Stronghold Heaven, although the activity on here ceased very quickly before the demise of even Stronghold Knights. This leaves only Stronghold Nation as the last remaining Stronghold (literally), which came into existance shortly after this time period. The Stronghold Community deserves a quality fansite which operates on a non-commercial basis and that you can always rely on.

By contributing to our community now, you are ensuring the future of Stronghold Nation is fully secured and that we can go on to create more quality content for those lovers of all things Stronghold. In a world of disinformation and fake news, you are contributing to a global hub of factually accurate historical information you can rely on with no bias or agendas other than the truth, produced by experts with decades of knowledge.

You are investing in yourself, your own time spent on our community, meeting new people and learning new skills. We are a not-for-profit community and funds raised will only ever be used solely for the purposes of maintaining the community, and any costs associated with its management and hosting. No staff member or other individual, including the registered domain name owner, profits personally as a result of the community or its financial status. We will never run ads because we respect the privacy and security of users, regardless of how detrimental that may be to our own finances.

Contributions of any amount are always most graciously received and enable us to continue moving forward. Small contributions even on a one-off basis can make a large difference in our operations, such as:

  • A little over £5 can enable us to keep one of our many community domain names in registration for another year.
  • £10 allows us to ensure that one part of the community is fully secured by TLS for 12 months, giving you peace of mind that your data is always safe.
  • £50 allows for us to keep our Content Delivery Network (CDN) for another year providing you with lightning fast speeds on all images and downloads.