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  1. @ JustAVillager , You've been warned about your conduct on this forum a number of times now, all for varying reasons. You've also been explicitly told on more than one occasion to put more thought into your posts & not to post meaningless content. You've also been warned that if you do not start following the forum rules and putting effort into your threads then they will be closed. Let me be clear: Nobody has the absolute right of reply on this forum. All staff are volunteers, including myself. We choose to answer questions based on our time available, our knowledge and genuine desire to help people. The fact you're demanding a reply from me within 3 hours of posting the topic is not only unreasonable but also entirely unacceptable to expect that from any member. The attitude you're repeatedly demonstrating is one of severe entitlement, impatience and spammy in nature. You're not respecting the forum rules, which you've also been pointed to on many occasions, and you appear to have no respect for anyone or anything on the community other than yourself. Based on these breaches I'm banning you from posting any content on the community for 7 days. Once this time has expired, all content by you must be approved by a Moderator for a further month to ensure you're following the forum rules. We will use additional moderation tools and permanently ban your account if this becomes necessary. I am closing the thread.
  2. That's not what you told me in your PM, but since that now means this is a duplicate topic, I will be closing it. Please feel free to update your other topic here on the Move Lord event with any relevant info including what you've tried to solve your problem, exactly what isn't working and what's happening when you run the map. We cannot help without this information.
  3. I've merged your topics together. I appreciate you're passionate about your map but duplicate posting around the forum in an attempt to get more replies will not be tolerated. If you aren't going to start following the forum rules then I'm just going to start closing your threads as necessary. Regarding the issue that you're talking about, for the benefit of others viewing this thread, @ JustAVillager was having an issue in his custom map with the move ship event and invasions which were not triggering. I've attached a couple of screenshots to this post so people know exactly what I'm talking about in my reply. Essentially, the events aren't triggering because they haven't been fully configured yet. You may wish to familiarise yourself with our articles on scripting invasions and moving ships to understand the full set of options and what they do. The guides explain everything in detail, but with regard to the invasion, there are a couple of issues that I noticed. The first is that you've opted to have the invasion as a "Siege" invasion, but there's no siege point set for the invasion. You've also opted to have a target point insead of a siege point, which will never trigger properly with that type of invasion. And there's no marker flag for the intended destination set either. With the move ship event, you need to set all of the marker flag settings in the editor otherwise the event won't work. I admit this is challenging in your case because the sea is so small in that area. You may wish to re-think this approach and add more sea, or add more marker flags in instead.
  4. Moved to Stronghold 2. The Gaming Events forum is for scheduling specific gaming events with other members, not for general discussion.
  5. If you're referring to SHN, a "topic" is a public discussion topic in a forum or club on our community. A "status" appears on your profile feed and users who follow you can see them. Statuses while still public are more personal whereas topics are generally considered for the whole community.
  6. Another great addition to the site and very much looking forward to what is posted!
  7. Sorry if I was unclear I meant your current map but with all other events removed, i.e. so the move lord event is the only event on the map. That will tell you whether it's a problem with the map (i.e pathing) or whether it's an issue with the actual event. Another thing you could try that would help identify whether it's a pathing issue is to setup a basic invasion to move from one invasion point to the other. In Stronghold 2 the invasion will arrive on the map and literally not move anywhere if it can't reach the "Move" invasion point. If it's blocked by Gatehouses, walls or other buildings then in 1.3.1 and 1.4 the game can also sometimes crash when the invasion arrives on the map, so that's another telltale sign if it that happens. This will also give you reassurance whether or not the move Lord event is actually triggering, too. You can find a detailed guide on setting up invasions via: https://www.stronghold-nation.com/article/340-scripting-invasions-using-invasion-markers For the purposes you need, a "Movement only" invasion would suffice.
  8. Have you tried as a blank map with no other events like I suggested?
  9. So the most important thing to check here is the trigger. What trigger do you have that sets this event up? Next, check out the markers- make sure both of the markers you specified actually exist on the map and are actually in the places you think they are. Then make sure the path you want Sir Grey to move to can actually be used and no parts are inaccessible. If it's still not working, change the trigger condition to "Always" so when the game starts the event will trigger automatically. You can then start the game and move straight away to that event location and see if it's working. If it's your trigger that is causing this event, which is probably most likely IMO from experience, then this will show you what's going wrong. If none of this has any impact, you should try to script a brand new event on the map with different markers and see if this one works. Note though that it's also really useful when you're encountering problems with scripting to remove as much "clutter" as possible. When I come across issues like this, I'll often duplicate my map file and rename as "Map Whatever" A, B, C etc, edit the duplicated version and remove all other events on the map other than the one that's causing an issue so I know there's no conflict. It's also an easy way to try and solve a problem in a later mission to avoid playing the whole map through. Once you get a solution you just copy across the working event into your original map.
  10. I'll try and give it a play for you over the weekend 🙂
  11. Thanks for letting me know about this- it's triggering a few security rules. I'll try and get them sorted out for you.
  12. Yeah I used to have the same problem when I did YouTube stuff back in the day.... have you tried using a program called "Action!"? This allowed me to record full screen, but sadly you only get a trial version. There's no way to run the original Stronghold Crusader game in a windowed mode to my knowledge. I have heard of this program however that may allow you to do this. I haven't done this myself so I can't vouch for whether it works, but here it is: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/ This won't work on the new Steam version of the game, though. If you're running the Steam version, then unfortunately you can't really do anything. I did try changing the game launch options, but it appears that the game just does not have the functionality to launch in a windowed mode out of the box.
  13. Nice topic! I love all of them, but for me Stronghold 2 and Stronghold Legends are my absolute all time favourites by far so I only selected those. I had Legends before 2 actually, and I just took to it straight away. Btw @JustAVillager - I've seen you have a map in your signature. If you'd like to, you can upload it to our downloads community hub here where we have other maps, scenarios, mods etc: 🙂https://www.stronghold-nation.com/downloads/ To submit go here but make sure you're logged in first: https://www.stronghold-nation.com/downloads/submit/
  14. I've been away this weekend or I probably would've caught this thread sooner. I know it's resolved now but I just wanted to share my opinion in case it's of benefit to anyone too 🙂 Speaking purely from an English point of view, I'd probably use a word such as principally. I'm a bit like Dave on my maths 😂 I don't really see a problem with using namely but I guess maybe there's just a slightly more tailored word to what you're looking for, and that's what he might mean.
  15. Great news! It's a wonderful game I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I still need to get around to looking at the various Campaigns and getting some articles up but I've only just got my computer back again.
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