Wyatt Earp (Weapons)

  • American West
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

Wyatt Earp was a colorful figure (made so by many enduring myths). One time Buffalo Hunter, Saloon Owner, Pimp and Brothel Owner – Earp also served as a City Policeman, Constable, Marshal and Deputy Marshal. Making a name for him self in Dodge City, Kansas as a Marshal – he would eventually move to Tombstone, Arizona. As a Deputy to his brother (Marshal of Tombstone), he would be involved in the infamous Gunfight at The O.K. Corral (1881). Much legend had been written about his main firearm – the Colt .45 Caliber Custom Buntline Revolver. Designed with a 8.5 inch barrel, it was given to him as a “retirement gift” by the Citizens of Dodge City.


In actuality, Earp never used the gun (despite the continued portrayal of such in Film). His preferred favorite (and the one he used most often) was the Schofield .44 Caliber Single Action Revolver. Unique for Western revolver, it featured a break front frame (which allowed for quicker reloading) – similar to the English Webley Revolver. First developed in 1870 by The Colt Firearms Co. – The Schofield was one of the first non-”Cap and Ball” revolvers. The US Government (the main buyer of the Schofeld), was concerned with the weapons inability to chamber both the .44 and .45 rounds.


Eventually a shorter .45 cartridge was used. Earp's Schofield (as most) were long, at 7-inches in barrel length. This no doubt fed into the Buntline legend. Earp also was known to use the 1878 Remington 12-Gauge “Side by Side” Shotgun. Modified with cut down barrels (15-inches), it was nicknamed “The Street Officer”.