Washington's ''Navy'' Flag

  • The American Revolution
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By Crusader1307

Although History records General George Washington as great Commander of The American Colonial Army - and eventual first President, he also was one of America's first Naval Commanders! Washington was a moderately wealthy man, whose "fortune" was based in part- on marrying "well", and his lucrative tobacco farming Plantation. Washington (although an Infantry Officer), understood the importance of a strong Naval Forces defense and deterrence. In 1777, the newly declared United States, was struggling with monies to create such a force. America's Alliance with France against England had yet to yield Naval "help". Washington (using his own finances), purchased and raised what was deemed "Washington's Navy". This consisted of 6 armed schooners to Patrol off the US Coast (from New Jersey down to Virginia). The main unusual Flag he chose to identify the ships, was an all White Field. Centered, was a large Green Pine Tree. No lettering or other identifiers were placed. With the construction of an American Navy (principally The CNS "Alliance", the Schooners were assimilated and re-flagged.