Vietnamese Cavalry Flags

  • Medieval Asia
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By Crusader1307

The Kingdom of Vietnam resisted many attempts by The Chinese Southern Han Armies to invade their Country. Tenacious Soldiers in battle, The Medieval Vietnamese would adopt much of their tactics and weaponry from The Chinese ''Invaders''. The use of Cavalry was among those used. Unlike The Chinese, The Vietnamese did not employ ''Heavy'' or Armored Cavalry as The Chinese did. Their Mounted Forces were designed to be ''light'' and to ''strike fast''. In this they were excellent examples of ''Light Cavalry''. These Forces were particularly on point from the 10th Century AD through the 12th Century AD.


The Vietnamese Cavalry – like Chinese, used a variety of Flags to identify Units on The Field. Colors were used to denote Unit (as was overall design). These were Squared Flags (very close to The Western Guidon), which featured ''feathered'' or small Streamered Borders. Primary Fields of these Flags were a solid color. Into this was placed different colored squared Borders. No other imagery or Sinographs were applied. Often, the very ''Pole'' used to carry The Flag was tipped (as a Spear) and could be used as a weapon from Horseback (as a Lance).