USS ''Oklahoma''

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

The US Naval Warship, USS "Oklahoma", was a "Nevada"-Class Battleship. Initially part of The Dreadnought Fleet of pre-World War I vessels, she was retrofitted many times since her initial construction in 1911. "Oklahoma" was 583-feet long and displaced 28,000-tons. She stood  (Beam) 100-feet tall. Her 12-Babcock Boilers produced 27,000 HP - giving her a top speed of 24-mph. She had an operational range of 6,000 miles. "Oklahoma's" Main armament included (2) 14-inch Main Guns, (21) 5-inch Guns, (2) .50 Cal. Anti-Aircraft Machine Guns and  (2) 21-inch Toroedoes. Her armor plating ranged from 3 to 17-inches throughout her super structures to her hull. She crewed 1,385 men.


"Oklahoma" served in World War I as a Convoy Escort Ship in The US Atlantic Fleet. Much later in 1936, she evacuated American Citizens from Spain, during her Civil War. Soon after, she was redeployed to The US Pacific Fleet in California  (which would be sent to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii). During The Japanese Attack on Pearl in 1941, "Oklahoma" was struck by several ariel Torpedo Bombers, in the "First Wave" strike. Mortally damaged, "Oklahoma" slowly listed to her side and capsized. Over 500 men desperately sought air pockets in the hull, while awaiting help. Despite valiant efforts to cut them free, most were drowned. Stripped of her Guns and other salvaged material, "Oklahoma's" hill was left in The Harbor throughout World War II. In 1946, she was patched and moved to San Francisco ,  California. In a surprise storm, "Oklahoma" was lost.