USS ''Newark''

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By Crusader1307

Constructed from 1888 to 1890, The USS "Newark" was among the last of the Ironclad Frigates constructed by The US Navy. She was also among the last time still implement a Sail rigging system in conjunction with her steam propulsion. She was launched from The Philadelphia Naval Yards in 1890. "Newark" was 4,000-tons displaced. She was 328-feet long and sat 50-feet tall. Powered by (4) boilers and (2) triple expansion engines capable of 8,500HP. Her effective range of 4,000-miles with a top speed of 18-knots. "Newark" crewed over 400.


Her armor plating was varied. Her Conning Tower featured 3-inches of iron/steel plate. The Main Deck was 3-inches with 2-inch protective playing for her impressive collection of armaments. The USS "Newark" carried (16) 6-inch Guns, positioned around her Main Deck perimeter. In addition, she carried (4) 3-pound Guns, (2) 1-pounders and (4) non-carriage mounted Gatling Guns (.45 Cal.).


"Newark" was deployed with The Cuba Naval Blockade during The Spanish-American War in (1898). She also served in putting down the Rebellion in The Philippines (1899) as well as part of the Relief Fleet during The Boxer Rebellion in China (1900-1901). During World War One, she was assigned as a Hospital Guard Ship, in Rhode Island  (US). With advances in Warship technology, she was deemed to old for a retrofit and decommissioned in 1926.