USS ''Nevada''

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

The US Naval Dreadnought/Battleship "Nevada", was the namesake of The "Nevada"-Class of Warships. Only 2 were built. Originally constructed in 1914, she was one of the oldest of her Class to fight in World War II. "Nevada" displaced 30,000-tons and was 600-feet long. She stood 30-feet tall. Although originally fitted with (6) oil burning Boilers, she would be refitted with twin expanding Engines, generating 30-mph.


"Nevada" had an impressive operational range of 8,000-miles and crewed over 1,000. Her Armor plating ranged from 8 to 18-inches throughout. "Nevada" was armed with (5) 21-inch Main Guns, (4) 21-inch Torpedo Tubes, (8) 1-Inch Anti-Aircraft Guns, (16) .36 Cal. Guns, (40) 20mm Anti-Aircraft Guns, (32) and (32) 40mm Bofors Guns.


Capable of supported two Float Patrol Planes, "Nevada" served as a Convoy Ship between Ireland and England, during World War I. After The War, she was deployed to The Pacific Fleet - where "Nevada" was be part of The Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. "Nevada" was the only Warship (although severely damaged), to actually clear The Harbor during The Raid.


Repaired, "Nevada" would reassigned to The Atlantic Fleet, and would eventually support The Normandy Invasion (D-Day) in 1944 - with Naval gunfire. Later that year, she would be redeployed to The Pacific again. "Nevada" would likewise support The Battles of Okinawa and Iwo Jima. After World War II, "Nevada" was determined to be too old to be renovated. Her last assignment was as a "Target Ship" first The Atomic Bomb Tests off of Bikini Atoll in 1946. Considered radioactive, she was sunk by Gunfire in 1948.