USS ''Maryland''

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

Constructed during World War I, The USS “Maryland” saw no War Service and was launched in 1920. A ''Colorado” Class Battleship, The “Maryland” was used to transport US President Elect Herbert Hoover on a Tour of Latin America. She served thereafter as a Training Vessel for The Navy (in The Atlantic), until her transfer to The Pacific Fleet in 1940.


Among “Battleship Row” with The Fleet at Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941, The “Maryland” was moored next to Battleships “Oklahoma”, “Tennessee”, “California” and “West Virginia”. This point was one of the first targeted by The Japanese Navy during their “First Wave” Assault. They concentrated much of their firepower on this point first. Despite being struck by (2) Armor Piercing Shells which ripped open her Hull, Crews were able to keep her afloat and manning their Anti-Aircraft Weapons. Her Fire Control and rescue Crews were instrumental in aiding survivors of the capsized USS ''Oklahoma”.


Repaired, “Maryland” was erroneously reported as having been sunk by The Japanese in their assessment of The Attack. She was present at the epic Battle of Midway (1942). After which, “Maryland” was sent back to California, where he served as a Training Vessel, briefly. Her “age showing”, nonetheless, “Maryland” was tasked to support The Solomon Islands Campaign in The South Pacific in 1943. During The Battle of Tawara, she “landed” the famed Marine Raiders on their assault operations, there. She would fight in 6 other Major Pacific Island Battles before the end of The War in 1945.


Maryland” was 33,000-Tons displaced and was 625-feet in length. She stood 100-feet (Beam). Her Armor Plating ranged from 3 to 18-Inches throughout. She was armed with (8) 16-Inch Main Guns, (12) 5-Inch Guns, (4) 3-Inch Guns and (2) 21-Inch Torpedoes. She supported over 1,000 Crewmen.


She remained in Naval Reserve Service, Docked in Washington State until 1959. She was sold for scrap after decommissioning later that same year.