USS ''Baltimore''

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By Crusader1307

The USS "Baltimore" was a "Protected Cruiser" (the 5th constructed), that provided full protection to a vessel's vital machinery. Launched in 1888, she weighed over 4,000-tons and was over 300-tons. She stood 50-feet "tall in the water".  Her primary propulsion waso achieved by 4 coal-fired Boilers which fed twin expanding Engines. "Baltimore" could make 22-mph. Her armament included (4) 8-inch Main Guns, (6) 6-inch Guns, (4) 6-Pounders, (2) 3-Pounders and (2) .45 Cal. Gatling Guns.


"Baltimore" was launched in 1888 and detailed to transport the remains of John Ericsson (Father of the Modern Ironclad), back to his home in Sweden. She was later deployed to The China Squadron with Commodore Dewey. During The Spanish-American War, "Baltimore" fought at The Battle of Manila Bay in The Philippines. "Baltimore" was assigned to The Pacific Fleet in the 1920s. Renovated many times, she was present at Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941 (awaiting decommissioning). She was the oldest US vessel involved in The Japanese attack. Damaged, she was towed to Sea in 1942 and scuttled.