USS ''Alexandria''

  • Modern Era
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By Crusader1307

Deployed towards the end of The Cold War, The USS ''Alexandria'' is a ''Los Angeles''-Class attack Submarine, currently deployed with The US Navy. Her last posting was Patrol Duties in The Indian Ocean. She also was used as an experimental platform for Arctic Testing of Submarines in Cold Water Combat Tactics.


''Alexandria'' displaces nearly 7,000-tons and is 362-feet long with a Beam of 34-feet. She is a Nuclear propulsion Warship, capable of 24-mph submerged. Her rated operational depth is 750-feet. She supports 108 Officers and Men. Her armament includes (4) 21-inch Torpedoes of various designs and capabilities (to include Nuclear). ''Alexandria'' also supports The ''Harpoon'' SA Missile System (with a 70-mile range). She also is capable of various Surface Mine deployments.