USMC ''Raider'' Stilleto

  • World War II
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Designed for use by the Elite World War II American Commando Unit "The Raiders", The USMC "Raider" Stilleto was as favored by The Canadian Parachute Regiment. Both Forces needed a fighting blade that could be carried and used effectively on clandestine operations. The Stilleto Dagger design was chosen. Base on the then recently manufactured British Fairbairn-Sykes Knife, The Raider blade was constructed differently. Whereas The Sykes blade was a two-piece construction, The Raider was a single-cast construction. The Raider blade was also 0.25-inches longer. The knife weighed about 1.5-pounds.


The double-edged, tapered blade was excellent for piercing the ribcage/torso, even through up to 3-inches of clothing. The often described "Coke Bottle" shaped handle provided excellent grip, even with "wet" hands. Carried in a plain leather scabbard, The Raider Stilleto was considered more "elegant" than the standard issue Marine Fighting Knife  (known as The "Ka-Bar"). However, with the disbanding of The Raiders after The War, the blade was discontinued in favor of one single standard issue (again The Ka-Bar).