US Winchester M1200 Shotgun

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By Crusader1307

Since World War I, The US Military realized the need for a Shotgun weapon. From the close quarters of Trench Warfare to the Jungles of The Pacific in World War II, such weapons were excellent in very close combat conditions. The Winchester Model 1200 was marketed in 1966 to The US Marine Corps. and Navy. By 1968-69, The US Army had adopted it. Available in 10, 12, 16 and 20-Gauge, The Military preferred the 16-and 20. Weighing 7-pounds, The Model 1200 held 6-Shots. Firing was achieved by a front sliding pump, which would chamber a Shot by moving the slide forward and back. The Model 1200 could fire a wide variety of Shells (Solid, Pellet and Sabot). It also featured a Bayonet mount. Effective in Tunnel Warfare, The Model 1200 had a 150-yard effective range. It would remain on use until 1980, when it was replaced by The Mossberg 1100.