US Vice-Presidential Flag

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By Crusader1307

The Vice-President of The United States is a Position by which should the duly elected President of The Country become incapacitated (illness, death or resignation), his designated Second, or Vice-President would become Leader. This Policy was initiated by the First US President George Washington and has carried forward to the current date. Since the inception of that Office, The Vice-President had no official Flag of Representation (as does The President). The first such Flag was originally identical to The Presidents Colors. By 1975, the Flag was redesigned to reflect a major difference from The Presidents.


A solid White Field, The Vice-President's Flag features a full colored Center representation of that Office's official Seal (Federal Eagle, holding the ''Branch of Peace'' and The ''Arrows of War''. Over such, is The National Motto (in Latin) – which reads ''E Pluribus Unum'' (''One Out of Many''). A series of (4) Blue, (5)-pointed Stars (Mullets) were placed into each of the four Quadrants of The Flag.