US T-17 ''Staghound'' Armored Car

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

Produced by The US Army Ordnance Corps. - The T-17 ''Staghound'' was a World War II Era Armored Military Vehicle. The Vehicle saw no service with The American Military, but over 4,000 were produced for Great Britain and other Allies. A robust Armored Vehicle, versions could be found as late as the 1980s still in service with some Armies. The first T-17 was sent overseas in 1942. Weighing 14-tons, The ''Staghound'' was 17-feet long and was a 4x4 Wheeled Car. It could seat (5). Using a GMC Gas Engine (which produced 97-HP), The T-17 could achieve 55-mph on flat terrain. It supported 3-inches of plating. Armament varied but they were produced (2) .30 Caliber Machine Guns.