US Springfield .69 Caliber Musketoon

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By Crusader1307

The US Springfield .69 Caliber Musketoon was among the first designed long rifle for use by Mounted (Cavalry) Unit. First deployed in 1847, it was not well received. The 1847 Musketoon was in reality nothing more than a cut down version of the standard Infantry issue Spring 1842 Musket. Due to the shortness of the firearm barrel (and high grain count of the round) – The Musketoon created an very hard kickback. This caused issues when firing from on top a Mount (horse), or when at the gallop. A .69 Caliber Balled weapon, The 1847 Model weighed close to 8-pounds and measured 41-inches in length. It ranged to roughly 125-yards at maximum. A trained soldier could fire 2 to 3 aimed shots. Over 10,000 were ordered by The Federal Government and issued to Cavalry and Dragoon Branches. Other variants were designed for Engineering Soldiers and Artillery Crews. By 1859, The 1847 Model was replaced by the more traditional Carbine (which had begun development around 1855). Some were still seen in used by Confederate Forces at the start of The American Civil War of 1861.