US Spencer Rifle

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

Another of the early “Repeaters” - The Spencer was the close competition to The Sharps-brand Carbine. Designed in 1860 (and running for almost 10 years), some 200,000 were made. Originally designed to fire the .52 caliber lead shot, it would later fire the .56-56 Rimfire cartridge. 47-inches long, it featured both lever-cocking or hammer activation. They had an effective range of 500 yards. Popular with Federal Cavalry during The American Civil War, The Spencer also saw some use in The Indian Wars of The American West. A problem with the weapon involved shells jamming in the chamber when ejection occurred. This flaw was keenly seen at The Battle of The Little Big Horn. Nonetheless, The Spencer carved out a a piece of history for itself as one of the guns that helped “save The Union”.