US Naval Parachutist Badge

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By Crusader1307

The US Naval and Marine Corps. Naval Parachutist Badge is awarded to those Naval or Marine Service Members (regardless of Rank), who have completed The US Army Basic Military Parachutist Course, held at Ft. Benning, Georgia (US). As we have seen, upon graduating – regardless of Armed Forces affiliation, Service Members are awarded The Army Version Badge, or ''Jump Wings''. As such, the badge may be worn on the Service Uniform, as is.


However, to qualify for a Naval Version of The Badge, a Person must complete an additional (10) qualifying deployments from aircraft within that Service. As seen as well – only (3) qualifying ''Jumps'' are needed for The Army Basic Badge. Upon completion of Naval requirements, a set of Gold Wings with deployed Chute (with longer wings), are issued. These greatly resemble Pilot Wings, and are often misidentified as such by some.


The Naval Parachutist Badge is most commonly seen among SEAL and other Special Warfare Units within The Navy. In The Marine Corps; The Badge is most common to Force Recon Specialists. In all cases, The Badge is worn on the Left side of both The Dress and Fatigue Duty Uniform. It is created in both metal and cloth (subdued) versions.