US Military Korean War Service Medal

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By Crusader1307

The US military Korean war Service Medal was authorized by (then) US President Harry Truman in 1954. The Medal is awarded to any Member of The US Military who served in The Korean War (in Country, in The Skies over on off Coastal Waters), between 1951 and 1954 (although The War ended in 1953, Occupation Forces were still granted The Medal). Seen to compliment the already issued ''United Nations Korean Service Medal'', after 1954 – The War Service Medal was discontinued for issue. Currently, The Korean Defense Service Medal is awarded, to any Service Member to has served in The Republic of South Korea since 1954 to date (no combat criteria is required). A War Service Medal Recipient cannot be awarded The Defense Service Medal.


The Medal is a circular device of Bronze color. The Front of The Medal features a typical Korean Temple Archway, with the inscription ''KOREAN SERVICE'' inscribed . The Reserve of The Medal bears The Taegeuk (or multi-colored National Symbol which appears on The South Korean national Flag). The inscription ''UNITED STATES OF AMERICA'' is present. It was common for some Soldiers to inscribed their Service dates onto the Reserve of The Medal (by Civilian Contract). The Ribbon portion of The Korean Service Medal is a Light Blue Field, with a Vertical White Stripe. This was in honor of The Flag of The United Nations Coalition of Forces who fought in The Korean War (1950-1953).