US Medal of Honor Flag

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By Crusader1307

As we have seen The US Congressional Medal of Honor is the highest and most prestigious Decoration any Member of The US Armed Forces can be awarded. The Criteria requires that only ''Extreme Acts of Valor and Courage in direct Enemy Combat'', can be considered. In most cases, The Act in service involves Soldiers giving their own lives to save others. Other Criteria added makes The CMH one of the most revered. Only 3,500 Medals have been given since it's inception in 1863.


In 2002, it was determined by Act of Congress to further honor Awardees by instituting their set of Colors (Flag). Identified as The Medal of Honor Flag, any Awardee since that date is given such a Flag (or to Relatives in case of death before physical Award). The actual display of The CMH Flag is regulated to only specific ceremonies and is not freely flown.


The Flag is a Field of Light Blue, to emulate the color of The Ribbon of The CMH. Centered in the Field are (13) White Stars, arranged in a Three Chevron Pattern. The Star are representative of The original 12-American Colonies (1776). Gold Bordering is used around the perimeter of The Flag, save The Hoist space.