US M1918 Automatic Rifle

  • World War I
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By Crusader1307

Yet another World War I weapon that would become a Worldwide “icon” was The Browning Model 1918 Rifle. One of the first “true” hand held Machine Guns used by The US Armed Forces, The Model 1918 only saw very limited service in The War (deployed within months of it''s ending). Still, the dependability and effectiveness of The Browning Auto Rifle would cause it to be one of the most popular weapons in The US Army Arsenal. It is estimated some 150,000 were manufactured for overseas sales. The Browning Auto Rifle was also a “staple” with American Law Enforcement AND it's more “notorious” Outlaws as well. The Wartime Browning was between 18 and 24 pounds (depending on attached equipment). Overall length was around 47 inches long. Chambered (in America), to fire the .30-06 caliber round, later versions would incorporate a modified .50 caliber round (1940s). The Browning Auto rifle had an effective range of between 500-1,000 yards. Long distance maximum shot groups have been measured at 4,500 yards. The Browning Auto Rifle would continue well into the 1960s.