US M1 .30-06 Caliber Rifle

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

The mainstay of The US Military Services from 1936 until 1959, The M1 Rifle was invented by John Grand of The Springfield Rifle Company, as a replacement for The Model 1903 Rifle. Nicknamed after it's Inventor "The Garand", over 7 million were produced. The M1 is considered the first semi-automatic Rifle deployed by The US. Weighing 9.5 pounds and 44 inches long, The Garand fired a 30.06 round from a top loading "End Block" clip which held 8 rounds. Gas operated via a blowback system, The Garand had a 300 yard effective range, with a maximum of 500 yards. It also had a fixed front sight with an adjustable rear one. The M1 was also designed for a bayonet attachment.


An innovation for American rifles of the Era, was a Grenade attachment. Using blank cartridge rounds for propulsion, Riflemen could now become Grenadiers. In this configuration, The M1 could deploy a 22mm Grenade over 400 yards. The workhorse of World War II, The Garand was issued to all US Forces in both The European and Pacific Theaters of War. It continued as standard issue into America's Korean Conflict (1950-1953). Although replaced by the M14 Rifle in 1960, The Garand was still seen in use in many World Armies well into the 1970s. It is still used as a hunting Rifle and is featured as the primary "ceremonial" weapon for the famed US Marine Corps. Silent Drill Team.