US Browning M1919 30-06 Caliber Machine Gun

  • World War I
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By Crusader1307

Although developed during The First World War, The Browning Model 1919 Medium Machine Gun, was the attempt (and success), to remove the need for "water cooled" weapons systems. Unlike previous rapid fire versions which needed a water feed to constantly lower barrel temperature during deployment, The Model 1919 used the surrounding air. Thus, she was one of the first "air cooled" Rapid fire small arms. Over 5 Million Model 1919s were manufactured between 1919 and 1945. A popular weapon, many Countries procured them.  Weighing 31-pounds and being close to 40-in length, it fired a .30-06 round in The US (.303 in Britain).


Used as both a Crew served and individual weapon, The Model 1919 was originally mounted on an all metal tripod. Later, it was mounted on various types of Military vehicles. An "electrically" activated version was mounted in both Tanks, Fighter Aircraft and Ship board defense systems. The range of the Model 1919, was 1,500 yards. Leading to the eventual development of The M2 Heavy Barrel Machine Gun, The Model 1919 remained in The US Arsenal until the 1980s.