US Army Commendation Medal

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By Crusader1307

The US Army Commendation Medal was created by The Department of The Army in 1941 – as a means of providing an Award to Enlisted Soldiers (and Officers from Junior Grade to Colonel only) – for ''Extraordinary Achievement of Heroism''. The action need not be strictly for combat operations (although it has been adapted into such since 2001). The addition of a Bronze ''V'' (Letter) Device (attached to the ribbon), has again since The US Global War on Terrorism (2001) been awarded for ''Valor under Fire''. As such The ARCOM (as it is abbreviated), can be awarded when the specific action does not merit a much higher and ''act specific'' Award – such as The Bronze or Silver Star.


A hexagon shaped, Gold colored Medal Device, bears the engraving (Front), of The US Federal Eagle. The Reverse is typically blanked – save for the wording ''FOR MILITARY MERIT''. Also typically, Awardee's have action information, name and date of issue self-engraved. The Ribbon is seen as a Dark Green Field, with a series of (5) small White Stripes (centered) and flanked by (2) larger White Stripes at the far Left and Right field perimeters. If no ''V'' Device (Combat Action) is awarded, subsequent issues are identified by Brass stamped numerals ''2, 3 etc.''


The Army Commendation Medal can be awarded to Foreign Soldiers (and their respective Officers) providing they are Allies and meet the same awarding criteria as a US Service Member. Each US Armed Services Branch maintains it's own form of Commendation Medal, which are more or less similar is type and award issuance.