US Army Air Assault Tab

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By Crusader1307

The US Army ''Air Assault'' Tab was designed in 1963 for wear by Members of the newly created 11th Air Assault Division (Test). The Unit was created to explore the effectiveness of Soldiers being deployed into Combat from the aerial platform of a Helicopter. The Unit identified itself with a Blue Shoulder Tab, which bore the words (in Red) – ''AIR ASSAULT''. Soldiers of The Division where trained in a variety of Helicopter Assault Tactics (then in their infancy).


Although The Division was disbanded in 1965, the training would be adopted into The US Army Air Assault School at Fort Campbell (Kentucky). Graduates (as previously discussed are only identified by The Air Assault Badge (sans a Tab). The 11th Division had no such badge and as such – even though assigned to other Units after 1965, many Graduates still wore their ''Air Assault'' Tab (although unauthorized). The Tab was not seen in use after 1975.