US Armed Forces Presidential Unit Citation

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By Crusader1307

The US Presidential Citation, is an award given by Authority of The President of The United States to various US Armed Forces. Each Branch maintains their own version of The Citation Award. The Award was created on December 7th, 1941 (in response to The Attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaiian Territory), to recognize those Units of The Armed Forces who had displayed ''Gallantry and Determination in the Face of an Enemy''. It would be awarded heavily throughout World War II.


The Citation can also we awarded to Warships. The Cold War Era Attack Submarine USS ''Parche'' has the honor of having the most awarded Presidential Citations with (9). As far as Land Forces, a Unit is only awarded The Device once. The Device is a a Dark Blue (''Presidential Blue'') Ribbon, framed in a Gold colored Frame (as are most US Armed Forces Citations). It too is worn on The Right Upper Coat Pocket of The Dress Uniform only. It too is a ''temporary'' award which is only worn while a Soldier is assigned to an earning Unit (unless, as it has been stated – The Serviceman was present with said Unit when earned).