US Armed Forces Presidential Service Badge

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By Crusader1307

Created in 1964, The US Armed Forces Presidential Service Badge is an Identification Badge use to identify certain Military Staff of all Branches, that provide various military services to The President of The United States. The Badge is only worn of The Dress Uniform of the respective Service Member – on the lower Left Coat Pocket.


The Badge is traditionally worn by various Senior Ranking Officers, but it is also used by Aircrews of both The President;s transportation Aircraft (Air Force One and Marine One). Uniformed Members of The US Secret Service are also authorized to wear The Badge. In order to retain it's wear after Presidential Service, special authorization is required. Over 20,000 such Award Badges have been issued.


The Metal Badge is enameled in color. It is a circular Device of a Gold colored perimeter with a Blue Center. A Gold colored US Federal Eagle is show, holding The Wreath of ''Peace'' and Arrows of ''War''. The US Motto of ''E Pluribus Unum'' is also present. The Center is surrounded by (50) White, 5-Pointed Stars (representative of The 50 United States).