US AIM-4 ''Falcon'' Missile

  • Cold War
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By Crusader1307

The US AIM-4 ‘’Falcon” was first deployed in 1956 with The US Air Force as an intermediate Air-To-Air Missile. The “Falcon” only used a small 9-pound Warhead with a proximity fusing detonation system. This meant The AIM-4 required a “direct impact” to be effective. The “Falcon” was 6-feet long and weighed 120-pounds. They were solid fueled and could achieve Mach 3. The AIM-4 had a very short operation effective range of 6-miles. The Missile preformed poorly when deployed with The F-4 “Phantom” Interceptor  during The Vietnam War.  Pilots reported too many example of Missiles “electrically” firing but not deploying (Dud).

Some AIM-4s performed better when used as Air to Surface interdiction Devices, and most were reported as acceptable when used against Enemy Troop movements along the infamous “Ho Chi Minh Trail”. Although modifications were made, The “Falcon” never recovered from it’s earlier poor performance with many Pilots refusing to fly with them. Most were sold to Sweden in 1969, with no complaints. By the mid 1970s, most “Falcons” were retired from Service.