Ulster Banner

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By Crusader1307

As discussed with The Ulster Flag, The Ulster Banner was derived from it. Once considered the “Official” Colors of Northern Ireland, it was designed in 1952 to commemorate the Enthronement of Queen Elizabeth II. She visited Ulster in 1953. From that point forward until 1973, The Banner was flown on all Government Buildings. The Flag was a White Field in entirety. A Red Cross of St. George was placed in the Center, stretching from Joust to Fly (Quartered). Centered was a White 6-month Star, upon which was placed The Ancient symbol of The Dextra Dei  (Red Hand). Above this symbol was placed a Royal Coronet  (representing The Queen). As stated, after 1973, The Ulster Banner was removed from use. It is still however used in Sporting Events and certain Northern Irish celebrations.