Trumbull Flag

  • The American Revolution
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By Crusader1307

American Artist John Trumbull, was best known for his Patriotic early 19th Century Paintings, dealing with The American Revolution. Noted first just accuracy, many Historians argue about one of his pieces - "The Surrender of Cornwallis". The well known piece, depicts British General Lord Cornwallis, at his surrender at Yorktown, Virginia.The British Ranks face The American Patriots as Generals Washington and Cornwallis met.


Over The American Lines, flyaway a strange Flag, that many states did not exist. Others, are more open to the idea that he did fly. The painting depicts a traditional Stars and Stripes Flag of 7 Red Stripes and 6 White. The Blue Left Canton is where the debate rages. Arranged along the perimeter of The Canton are 4 White Stars on the top, with an additional 4 on the bottom. A series of 2 Stars were place on the far mid-Canton and Fly. This gave a total of 12-Stars. The final Star, much larger than the rest, was centered.


Trumbull was a young Aide to General George Washington. He had a "front seat" to History. He is noted for his accuracy in portraying events he participated in during The War. Also, giving the variety of Stars and Stripes flown from 1776 to 1783, it very well may have been raised during The Battle of Yorktown.