Trench Catapult

  • World War I
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Taking the phrase “Everything Old is New Again” coupled with “Necessity is The Mother of Invention” - would lead to this “throwback” weapon, The Trench Catapult. Using Medieval technology (in part), The Trench Catapult was claimed to be an invention of several “unknown” British soldiers. Their device would catch on after they invented it in 1915 (with even American soldiers experimenting with it). The device was ideal for Trench Warfare (where space was at a premium). Made of wood, the device weighed around 50 pounds and was roughly 12 feet long. Placed inside the trench (at a traverse angle), heavy rubber bands would be wound with a hand crank (attached to a primitive pinion). By activating the crank a plate would be pulled down (under tension). Any type of standard Hand Grenade could be placed on the place. By activating the Grenade, (and triggering The Catapult), the Grenade would be thrown up and over the trench (in some cases up to 150 yards). Crude but incredibly effective. Unfortunately, The British Army did not pay attention to the invention. They were in use up to the last year of the War (1918). Building instructions exist – but to actual survivors are available.