The ''Divine Right of Kings''

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By Crusader1307

A theory applied to Royalty and their ''Right of Governance'' over a Peoples – The ''Divine Right'' was first incorporated in Ancient Rome. The Kingdom Period used it to establish that a King was predestined by The Gods (selected even before birth), to sit as Lord over a Peoples. As such, their Rule was above contestation by ''mere Men''. The ''Cult'' would carry onward into The Imperial Period were The ''Divine Right'' was often warped into cruel reprisals for anyone not acknowledging The Emperor as a ''God''.


In later Centuries, The ''Divine Right'' took on a more practical form of control. The Roman Empire would split in to two factions – The Western and Eastern. With the eventual decline of The Eastern Empire (falling to The Ottoman Invasions of then 15th Century), The Western would establish a hold on Europe in general with the establishment of The Holy Roman Empire. Various ''chosen'' Monarchs were installed as ''High Emperor'' and given dominion over all other Rulers. To head off potential conflicts, The Western Church stated that The Emperor was given ''Divine Right'' by God. A lengthy and high ceremony was conducted to install The Emperor, ''blessed'' by The Pope of The Church. This position also guaranteed a certain level of loyalty and ''control'' by The Church.


In time, Kings and Queens were installed as such by a ceremony by either Catholic or Protestant Faith. Granted such authority by God, a Monarch was supposed to rule His or Her People with fairness. This did not happen too often, as some Monarchs would ''press their Power'' often corrupting their ''Divine Right''. A classic example of this would be that of England's Charles I exerting ''Divine Right'' as a means of control over the Civil Government designed to assist Him in His Rule. His excesses would lead to a Civil War and His eventual execution. ''Divine Right'' is often merged at times with the theory of ''Absolute Monarchy''.


Islamic Region also applied a form of ''Divine Right'' to it's Monarchs. This is known as The ''Mandate of Heaven''. The process works the same way as ''Divine Right'', with the noted exception that ''it'' can be removed and ''given'' to a more ''acceptable'' Ruler or Proxy if needed. Those still surviving Monarchies in The World still invoke the Ancient ''Divine Right'' even with established Civil Governments in place (more out of ceremony that actual physical control).