The ''Courbet''

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By Crusader1307

With construction beginning in 1872 and Her launching in 1882, The French Ironclad Warship ''Courbet'' was a modern ''battleship'' of the late 19th Century. In reality, ''Courbet'' was more of a Floating Battery Ship, but such Vessels were often referred to as ''Battleships''. Originally, She was christened The '' Foudroyant'', ''Courbet'' was part of The ''Evolution Squadron'' or ''Modern Ships Squadron'' based near Toulon, France. ''Courbet'' never saw active combat (for what She was intended). As an ''Ironclad'' Vessel of the late 19th Century, She was of wooden Hulled construction with iron plating placed over. Her Deck Super-structure was steel with wooden Decking. A Steam Ship, ''Courbet'' still maintained a Mast deployment capable of Full Rigging, if needed.


Displacing 10,500-tons, ''Courbet'' had Twin Boilers and was capable of 17-mph. She crewed 700 Officers and Men. She was 315-feet in length with a Beam (Height) of 65-feet. Her Armament included (4) 13-inch Main Guns, (11) 4-inch Deck Guns, (3) 9-inch Cannon and (11) smaller Deck Repeating Guns of various calibers. ''Courbet'' was in service until 1902 when she was placed on Reserve status. She was scrapped in 1910.