The ''Amerigo Vespucci''

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By Crusader1307

Named for Christopher Columbus' Navigator (and namesake of “America”) The Italian Training Ship “Amerigo Vespucci”, was built in 1925 to honor “The Great Age of Sail”. Constructed like most 18th and 19th Century Sailing Ships, The ”Vespucci” is a 3-Masted, steel-hulled vessel. She displaces some 4,000 tons. She sits 51 feet tall (Beam) and nearly 240 feet long. Her primary mode of power is wind (featuring some 41,000 yards of canvas). She is also equipped with a modern Fiat Engine. She is capable of 19 miles per hour (by sail) and 12 miles by her engine. She can crew some 400 Officers band men. She was built and is maintained to instruct Italian Naval Service Cadets in the intricacies of “ancient” sailing practices (much as The USS “Constitution” does). The ship does feature modern navigational equipment in her Bridge. With the exception of World War II, The “Vespucci” has been in active service in The Italian Navy.