Sword Pistol

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By Crusader1307

A Sword Pistol is a sword (or dagger/knife) with a pistol attached alongside the blade. This makes the weapon a dual-purpose implement. In theory, the pistol portion of the weapon is considered a "secondary" weapon to the "primary" sword. Unlike a rifle and bayonet, the sword or knife of the Sword Pistol cannot be removed. Early rare examples of this type of weapons development was experimented with in Spain as early as 1620. The idea became popular in the 17th/18th Centuries. Version seen by this time were designed for hunters. One of the most popular and widely recognized versions, is the US .45 Caliber Elgin Gun. Similar to a Bowie Knife or Naval Cutlass, the US Navy tried to incorporate this weapon into it's inventory. Design flaws and misfires made it so unpopular, that by 1860 - the Elgin was all but discontinued (in favor or the separate pistol with standard issue Cutlass).