St George Castle

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By Crusader1307

Regionally known as Sao Jorge, this Fortress is located in Lisbon. Portugal. Built by Moorsis Forces, a defensive structure of some sort has occupied the location as far back as 48 B.C. (Rome). The main goal of St. George Castle was to protect the City of Lisbon by The Tarsus River. The current design of the structure dates to 1146 A.D.


It was also during that year that Christian Reconquista Forces took St. George. Of a Hilltop design pattern, some of the Upper Ward walls are 18-feet thick and are 40-feet high. Multiple Barbicans protect the 2 Gates. A wet Moat once existed. As many as 77 Turret Towers served to protect the Northern and Southern approaches to both The City and Castle. These were of the Round Tower design. Of the 15 surviving, the largest - The Tower of Ulysses - is 150-feet. It once held and protected the Regions Library dating to the 14th Century.