Spanish Cruiser ''Alfonso XII''

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By Crusader1307

The Spanish Cruiser "Alfonso XII", was the first of it's Class  (The "Alfonso"-Class). Not a "true" Ironclad, but is often classed as such. They featured a steel hull, but an entirely wooden Upper structure. The "Alfonso XII" displaced 3,000-tons and were typically 300-feet in length. They stood 44-feet tall and crewed 400. Although fully "rigged" (Sail), they used a 6 boiler system to generate steam for a reciprocal engine, capable of 4,400HP. This translated to roughly 17-knots. 


Armament consisted of (8) 6-pound Hotchkiss Guns and anot additional (6) 3-pound Hotchkiss pieces. Also, they carried (6) 6-inch Cannon and 5 Torpedoes. The first commissioned and named "Alfonso XII" was built between 1881 and 1887. Berthed at Havana Harbor in Cuba due to the rising hostilities growing between Spain and The US, she was next to The USS "Maine" when it exploded. She was instrumental in the rescue of many US Sailors.


From 1898 forward she was under major engine retrofit, and - due to the Spanish-American War, Spain never got around to finishing the renovations. She remained docked in Havana Harbor as a "floating Battery". After The War, she sailed back to Spain (1898). She remained Ported there until she was broken up in 1900.