Soviet ''Nanuchka''-Class Corvette

  • Cold War
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By Crusader1307

The ''Nanuchka''-Class Corvette was a Cold War Naval Warship, deployed by The Soviet Navy in 1969. These were small Warships that were used as Missile Platforms. They were a widely exported Vessel to other Countries until 1991. (47) were produced for Soviet use, with (27) currently retired.


The ''Nanuchka''-Class Corvette displaced 680-tons. They measured 197-feet with a Beam of 40-feet. Propulsion was provided by (3) Diesel Engines which produced 30,000-KW. The Class could achieve 30-mph in open waters.


Supporting a Crew of 60, The Class utilized (then) current Soviet Radar and Guidance Systems. As a Missile deployment Platform, The Class supported (6) SS-B-9 Ship to Ship Missiles, (20) SA-N-4 Surface to Air Missiles, (2) 57mm Guns, (1) 76mm Gun and (1) 30mm Gun.