Soviet ''Kresta I'' Guided Missile Cruiser

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By Crusader1307

The ''Kresta I''-Class was a Guided Missile Cruiser, used by The Soviet Navy during The Cold War. The Ship Class was deployed in 1964. The long service Warship was in use until 1994 (later with The Russian Navy). Only (4) ''Kresta I'' were built. Although used as a Guided Missile Ship, The Class would be converted over to Anti-Submarine warfare duties in 1967. They would remain in that role until they were retired. Displacing 6,000-tons, The ''Kresta I''-Class of Cruisers were 520-feet in length with a Beam of 56-feet. Propulsion was provided by (2) Steam Boilers, capable of producing 75,000-KW. Speed was rated at 40-mph on open Seas. The Class had a Mission range of over 12,000-miles. Crewed by 350-Officers and Men, The ''Kresta I''-Class incorporated the most advanced Soviet Era Electronic detection and navigation systems produced. Armament included (2) SS-N-3 Anti-Ship Missiles, (2) SA-N-1 Surface to Air Missiles, (2) 57mm AA Guns and the ability to deploy (2) 21-inch Torpedoes. The ''Kresta I''-Class also supported a Recon/Scout Helicopter (stored below Deck during routine movements). None of The Class were exported.