Soviet Destroyer ''Beposhchadny''

  • World War II
  • Less than 1 min

By Crusader1307

The Soviet Navy's ''Gnevny''-Class Destroyer ''Besposhchadny'' was launched in 1936. she would see extensive Wartime Service during World War II, against Nazi Germany's Invasion of Russia. Critiak during The Siege of Odessa (1941), German Dive Bombers would cripple Her. Despite attempts at renovations and repairs, it would be nearly 1 year before ''Besposhchadny'' would be ready. She was used as a Troop Transport. In late 1943, during a bombardment against German Positions in The Crimea, She would be fatally damaged from both Coastal and Air assault. Of the over 200 Officers and Men aboard, only 41 would survive Her sinking. ''Besposhchadny'' displaced 2,000-tons and measured 370-feet. Her Beam stood 16-feet. Powered by (2) Steam Turbines and (3) Boilers, rated speed was 22-mph. She was armed with (2) 21-inch Torpedoes, (60) Mines, (25) Depth Charge Munitions, (2) 12.7mm Machine Guns, (2) .50 Caliber AA Guns, (2) 45mm AA Guns, (2) 3-inch Guns and (4) 5-inch Guns.