Sons of Liberty

  • The American Revolution
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By Crusader1307

A ''Patriot'' Political Group in Colonial America – The ''Sons of Liberty'', was founded in 1765. Basing their ideology on a previous organization known as ''The Loyal Nine'', The Sons were against the imposition of Great Britain's Stamp Act of 1765. clandestine in nature, The Group often met in secret (to avoid possible capture by quartered British Soldiers stationed in Boston, Massachusetts), they routinely sought out declared (and presumed) British Loyalists (often Store Keepers), who were in sympathy of The Act. They sponsored and instituted often violent reprisals such as the looting and burning of Stores, as well as the practice of ''Tarring and Feathering'' said Loyalists. They spread various forms of written propaganda against The British Government (The King) and also participated in sabotage. Some of America's future ''Founding Fathers'' were Members. With the declaration of ''American Independence'' in 1776, The Sons would disband. They also sued the previously discussed Flag known as The ''Rebellious Stripes'' – as their rally point – which would go one to serve as foundation for the later ''Star Spangled Banner'' or National Flag of The United States of America.