Sloat-Kearney Campaign Flag

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By Crusader1307

Commodore John Sloat (USN) and General Steven Kearney (USA), were detailed by The US Government to “begin hostilities” with Mexico in 1846 (as a result of the beginning of The Mexican War). Sloat with 4 US Warships headed to California (1845). US Army General Steven Kearney (with a combined detachment of US Marines and Soldiers), set out for California as well from Texas. Both forces arrived in San Diego in January. Their goal was to capture The Cuidad of Los Angels (present day Los Angeles) from Mexican Forces and pacify any remaining resistance. From their initial “battle” against highly motivated Mexican Lancers (The Battle of San Pascual), successive victories (and failures) were listed (The Battle of The San Gabriel River and later the actual Battle of Los Angeles). In the end, American Forces were triumphant, and “claimed” California as “US Territory”. This flag was the standard 28-Star (State) flag used on both Sloat's Warships and carried by Kearney's troops. Commodore Sloat would serve as the “first” American Governor of California (with Kearney being second).