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By Crusader1307

''Strug'' was a type of Ship design common to Russia. The design was first seen in the 11th Century AD and were used as Coastal Merchant Vessels and in Fishing Fleets. In Wartime, The Strug was pressed into Coastal Defense, often armed with 1 or 2 small Swivel Guns (with it's Crew Armed with Musket). A typical Shrug was 35 to 45-feet in length as were a Single Mast construct. In addition, Strugs utilized Oarsmen (6 to 20 of it's 40 Man Crew) to power The Vessel in windless conditions. The Hull was noted for it's pointed Stern and Bow. At one point Strugs were very numerous, in the thousands. The design would fall out of use by the 1790s.