Savari Cavalry

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

The Savari were Regular Cavalry Regiments, formed in Libya around 1911 – when that Country came under Italian Colonial control. Recruited by and large from Arab-Berber Tribesmen, The Savari were an effective Light Cavalry Force. They sued both Horse and Camel as their principle transportation and in battle.


Serving as Frontier or Border Troops, The Savari participated in The Invasion of Ethiopia by Italy in 1937. When World War II reach Africa in 1942, Italian Forces would withdraw to Tunisia – abandoning The Savari. A few were recruited by The British Army as Desert Scouts.


Their original uniform was a Khaki composition. They wore a distinctive multi-colored Sash around their waist. These colors (varied) were linked to their Unit identification. The Fez Hat (Black) were worn with a Toten ''Skull'' insignia, placed on the Front. Weapons varied from Carbine to Infantry Rifle. Some carried Pistol and Revolver, but many still carried the traditional Persia Sashmir Sword.