San Fernando Rey de Espana Mission

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By Crusader1307

17th in The Mission System, the “Sun of Spain” (or simply San Fernando Mission), was founded in 1797. Due to it's distance from other Missions within the “system”, San Fernando had to become self-relying. It concentrated on cattle, farming and of course it's “conversion” duties of local Native Americans. A small Gold veinn was discovered in 1842 nearby which – attracted many Settlers to the Region and caused an increase in need for food. The Mission made it's income from this as well. After return of The Mission to Church control in 1861, the Mission also was part of The Butterfield Overland Stage Route, which linked the Eastern United States with California. In the 1920s, The Mission became home to a Catholic Religious Order (The Oblates). They administer the Mission still. Of note, in 1920 – in a nearby Orange Grove – an ancient Church Bell was recovered (buried). The inscription was in Russian. It was determined that the Bell was destined to be a gift to the Mission from Kodiak, Alaska (and The Russian Orthodox Church!). Restored, it is on display there. Of more recent history, Hollywood Comedian and Actor Bob Hope was also buried at The Mission (of which he was a Supporter).